Ergonomic pillow with smart electronic systems and embedded sensors to monitor and improve sleep quality.



Sleep is a neurobehavioral state, recurrent and reversible, which involves a decrease in responsiveness to external stimuli, and is frequently associated with maintaining good physical and psychological functioning in individuals. Studies have shown that poor sleep is often related to an increased risk of developing cardiovascular (for ex, hypertension), psychiatric (for ex, depression), neurological (for ex, Alzheimer’s disease), and chronic diseases (for ex, diabetes), besides worsening their symptoms.

Thus, and considering the demands of the current society, it's urgent to develop means to help the individual monitor and manage his sleep properly and effectively. It is in this sense that Sleep+ appears, as an ergonomic and smart pillow with sleep inductive fragrances release, capable of monitoring sleep-related parameters and self-arrange its shape, accordingly, promoting a better positioning of the user’s head and, consequently, reducing snoring. The measured parameters are reported to the user through a mobile app, HomeHealthDevices+, with the possibility of also being reported to a health professional. The mobile app also allows the user to fill in questionnaires and sleep diaries, providing an evaluation of the sleep quality and recommendations to improve it, based on the measured parameters and collected answers.

Besides these innovative functionalities, Sleep+ also has the following advantages:

  • Washable textile structures with sleep-promoting fragrances and antimicrobial properties;
  • Ergonomic support and thermophysiological comfort;
  • Integration of monitoring systems based on textile solutions to monitor the user’s parameters;
  • Real-time coupling between sensing elements and actuators;
  • Mobile app presenting sleep monitoring data and recommendations to improve sleep quality, tailored to each user.


  • 2CA-Braga