MuscleBAN Strap

Muscular Rehabilitation Sleeve


MuscleBAN Strap

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in average life expectancy, leading to an increase in the world's elderly population, with a consequent increase in problems related to mobility and a prevalence of musculoskeletal injuries. Among the most common diagnostic methods is electromyography (EMG). Electromyographic feedback enables the capture of muscle action potentials through surface electrodes and the conversion of these potentials into visual information. This information allows the patient to control and regulate muscle activity, which helps with recovery.

The MuscleBAN Strap is a textile sleeve that allows you to monitor muscle activity while performing physiotherapy exercises. The MuscleBAN Strap is made up of a matrix of dry electrodes fully integrated into the textile structure, which allow the assessment of muscle activity. Additionally, and to guarantee its correct placement, this product features textile stretching sensors. As a product designed for autonomous use by patients at home, all systems were developed, considering the possibility of domestic washing and subsequent reuse. It should also be noted that the textile structure was developed with the user's comfort and usability in mind, as well as functional finishes that give it easy cleaning properties. Additionally, the mobile application allows communication with the MuscleBAN Strap to carry out rehabilitation exercises through interactive games in a completely autonomous and remote way.


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