MuscleBAN Strap

Textile structure to aid muscle rehabilitation.


MuscleBAN Strap

In recent years, the life expectancy average of the population has significantly increased, leading to an increase in the world's elderly population with a consequent rise in problems relating patient mobility. Cerebrovascular accident (CVA) is an example that results from cellular damage, due to ischemia or haemorrhage in the brain tissue, and may cause damage to several sensorimotor functions. Among the most common patient rehabilitation programmes is electromyography (EMG). EMG feedback can be described as a method that enables the capture of muscle action potentials through surface electrodes, and the conversion of these potentials into visual and/or sound information. This information aids recovery by allowing the patient to control and regulate muscle activity.

In this context emerged the MuscleBAN Strap that will allow to perform physiotherapy exercises in an autonomous and remote way (at home). It has a textile non-modular structure, consisting in washable dry electrodes for easier cleaning and a mobile application based on games to aid rehabilitation.


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