Furniture with sensing, monitoring and control of room environment parameters to improve sleep quality.



Throughout life, there are several situations that interfere with the quality and quantity of sleep and, according to the literature, sleep disorders can reach up to 56,0% (Léger et al., 2008). In this context, it is essential to develop innovative and personalized products aimed at monitoring and improving the quality of sleep, which can boost the textile, furniture, and home automation industries from the development of differentiating products with innovative functions and appealing design. It is also crucial that they are user friendly and affordable.

As a result, the product Bedroom+ emerges as a solution to assess the influence imposed by the bedroom’s ambient parameters in the sleep quality of the users. Specifically, this product is materialized as a bed headboard constituted by smart systems for sensing and actuation which are completely embedded into the laminate structure. From the monitoring achieved with these systems, it is then possible to evaluate the impact of the environmental variables on the sleep pattern of the user and actuate accordingly to its improvement by resorting to domotic solutions. In addition, the monitored parameters can be reported to the user through a mobile application, Home Health Devices+, with the possibility to also share those with healthcare professionals. The mobile app also allows the user to fill in questionnaires and sleep diaries, providing an evaluation of the sleep quality and recommendations to improve it, based on the measured parameters and collected answers.

Besides these innovative functionalities, Bedroom+ also has the following advantages:

  • Printed temperature and humidity sensors to monitor the surrounding environment;
  • Lighting system composed by LEDs assembled onto printed conductive tracks, with an on/off control provided by printed capacitive buttons;
  • Microphone for ambient noise detection;
  • Real-time coupling between sensing elements and actuators;
  • Integration of intelligent systems Bedroom+, Sleep+ and HomeHealthDevices+) compatible with Home Automation and IoT platforms.

As an alternative to the bed headboard, the development of decorative components with the same laminate concept is also contemplated, therefore improving the versatility of the Bedroom+ solution.


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