Product for managing and controlling medication intake



Strict adherence to medication prescriptions is required for a prescribed treatment to be effective while avoiding resource waste. However, non-adherence to medication is a growing problem, which can be caused by forgetfulness, fear of side effects, or difficulty understanding medical instructions.

A monitoring base, AptaMED, is designed to be quickly adaptable to a variety of existing prescription vials, providing it with new features to help the user while they are on pharmaceutical therapy. The patient or integrated IoT systems in the field of health and well-being can program the device for the recommended time and day of intake. Following this programming, warnings are created on the product and in the mobile application, enabling the tracking of medicine ingestion in real-time. Through the mobile device, it is also possible to consult the history of intakes as well as transmit feedback on your performance by sending messages and other alerts.


  • 2CA-Braga